Coiler System

Coiler System
has been manufacturing automatic coilers since 2015.
The company is a young Italian company that brings with it
the enormous wealth of skills and experience
of the largest industrial company CLM.


A long history of mechanics, electronics, precision and passion.
Here are the most important steps:


CLM is born

CLM is born, a company that specialises in precision mechanical machining for third parties.


A new location

A new location: to accommodate growth, the company moves to a new production facility of 3000 square meters, while simultaniously expanding the amount of machines.


CLM grows again

CLM grows again: a second production facility of 2000 square meters is added. This location is used for the construction of mechanical components.


New partnerships

New partnerships are created with companies in the automation, robotics and packaging sectors, resulting in an investment in a third production unit dedicated to the assembly of automatic industrial machines for third parties.


An R&D department

An R&D department is set up dedicated to the design and construction of automatic systems for our customers, exploiting the know-how acquired in the various sectors.


The first automatic coiling

The first automatic coiling and packaging system for corrugated pipes is created.


The Service department

The Service department is created for customer assistance and support.


The milestone of 50 automatic coiler systems

The milestone of 50 automatic coiler systems is reached.


Coiler System

The Coiler System brand is created.



Coiler System exhibits in the world’s most important trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry: K2022 in Düsseldorf.

« We have always listened carefully to our customers. This, together with our skills, has allowed us to reach the goals we have set ourselves faster. Our pride comes from customer satisfaction, this fuels our passion for mechanics and automation. »

Bernardo Perozzi

CEO e co-founder Coiler System



At Coiler System there is a team of highly qualified professionals, consisting of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic experts and IT technicians.

The department works daily on the design and construction of automatic coiling systems.

«Our job is to find the best solutions. When we design a machine, we always try to respond to a specific need.»

Simone Sileoni    
Mechatronics design    


Mechanical Production Area

The team of the machine construction department manufactures every single component of the automatic coilers. Thanks to the experience and proven ability to perform precision mechanical machining on both a small and a large scale, the department is able to manufacture all our components at a very high quality level.

«When we build a machine we make every single component of it. Every day we face a different challenge that puts us to the test and excites us.»

Antonio Potenza    
Head of precision    
mechanical constructions    



The department dedicated to after-sales service ensures that there is a constant customer support. The services team guarantees a professional assistance to our clients both on-site and in remote. The team also manages the supply of spare parts.

«Our assistance is 4.0: we always responds to our customer’s needs in remote in a a timely manner. Working from our offices, we provide support to our clients who are next our coilers. When required, we also visit our clients on site.»

Paolo D'Eustacchio    
IT specialist    

Why choose Coiler System


The technical department is highly specialized in the design and manufacture of automatic coiler systems.

Listening to our customers

Coiler System’s organization is strongly customer oriented and places active listening to all customer’s needs at the center of every activity, who is supported and advised at all times.

Tecnology and Innovation

Our constant search for technological innovations allows us to offer specific solutions for highly performing automatic coiling systems.


Our after sales services guarantees swift practical and technical support though a direct communication channel.

To receive information contact the Coiler System staff
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